I teach science to high school children. Am passionate about teaching.  I endeavor to teach not to just have my students do academically well,  but  also, to develop scientific temper, values of  responsible citizenship, accountable leadership and above all humane values of compassion and social justice in my students. In the extremely competitive, materialistic and consumerism driven world order that our children are born and are growing up in, they need to be made aware of these values every step of the way.

Sounds too big?  We don’t have a magic wand afterall. We live in real world. Well,  it’s still doable. Worth trying, at any rate. 

Here I shall be writing  on education related issues. Hope it will initiate some discussion amongst the educators or, at least, stir up some thoughts in the minds of my readers. If I can seed the ideas in the hearts and minds of just a tiny segment of all my readers I would still consider my effort worthwhile.

“No Effort Too Small”